Welcome to my crazy beautiful journey raising two boys by the bay – Flynn & Archer. These pages are my reflections on our life with little ones – places we go, things we love and memories we make. I hope they inspire you, make you laugh or at least remind you that you are not alone in this crazy journey called motherhood.

On the blog.

Pie’s toddler room.

I think there’s a certain moment in your child’s life that every mama will remember – the moment you look at your baby and realise they’re not a baby anymore. They’ve suddenly morphed into this little person, no longer an infant entirely dependent on you, but an independent child capable of doing so much more […]

Road tripping Australia. Part 4 – The Byron Bay detour.

So how did we end up detouring from Western Australia to Byron Bay? Well it went a little something like this. Michael – Why don’t we detour 3,500kms and spend 10 days in Byron Bay?Me – Ok, lets do that.. *Thinks to self – “He’s clearly forgotten how much shopping I did last time we […]

Road tripping Australia. Part 3 – The Nullarbor drama.

The Nullarbor. The name “Nullarbor” literally means “no trees”. And it’s pretty accurate. This giant stretch of arid land stretches 1100km wide across South Australia and Western Australia and is more or less the only way to reach Perth from the East without detouring 3000km or taking some pretty serious 4WD tracks. I’ve heard it […]

About Us.

The one they call mama. Living my best life with two crazy coconuts and their daddy in Bayside Melbourne.

The one who made me a mama. My cheeky car lover, who can simultaneously drive me bonkers and melt my heart.

The one we call Pie. My littlest little, with eyes like oceans and dimples for days. He’s a mama’s boy. And I secretly love it!

The one who helped me make them. Daddy bear. Who reluctantly indulges my obsession with capturing every moment and memory.

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