Welcome to my crazy beautiful journey raising two boys by the bay – Flynn & Archer. These pages are my reflections on our life with little ones – places we go, things we love and memories we make. I hope they inspire you, make you laugh or at least remind you that you are not alone in this crazy journey called motherhood.

On the blog.

RAWR, RAWR! Flynn Turns 4. The lockdown edition.

Flynn’s been talking about his dinosaur party since Archer had his train birthday birthday back in June. Archie Pie scraped in with a big(ish) party, just hours before COVID restrictions were reimposed on Victoria. Flynn’s birthday needed to be a little more low key, but we were determined to make it a day to remember […]

DIY Skate Ramp

No playgrounds! Say What??? Just as we thought we’d escaped a lockdown in Melbourne, someone sleeps with a quarantine security guard and we’re back living in iso hell. This time in the middle of winter. We don’t have much of a yard, and with playgrounds closed we knew we needed a plan! And you guys […]

Choo-Choo-Choo, Pie Turns Two.

It was the birthday party that ended with the birthday boy in the emergency department. I thought he’d be at least 15 before that happened!! More on that later, let’s start at the beginning… The prep.I’m usually pretty organised when it comes to planning the boys’ birthday parties, but with the outbreak of COVID19, we […]

About Us.

The one they call mama. Living my best life with two crazy coconuts and their daddy in Bayside Melbourne.

The one who made me a mama. My cheeky dino lover, who can simultaneously drive me bonkers and melt my heart.

The one we call Pie. My littlest little, with eyes like oceans and dimples for days. He’s a mama’s boy. And I secretly love it!

The one who helped me make them. Daddy bear. Who reluctantly indulges my obsession with capturing every moment and memory.

On the ‘gram.

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