I think there’s a certain moment in your child’s life that every mama will remember – the moment you look at your baby and realise they’re not a baby anymore. They’ve suddenly morphed into this little person, no longer an infant entirely dependent on you, but an independent child capable of doing so much more than they could just yesterday.

For me, that moment was watching Archie Pie walk over to his new bed, lay down on his pillow and pull the blanket over himself. With a big smile, he looked at me and said ‘Pie bed’. He was so pleased with it! Of course he soon realised I wasn’t going to be sleeping in it with him and his delight disappeared immediately, but that’s a story for another blog post!

I won’t dwell too much on our sleeping issues, as I’ve done plenty of blog posts on that already, but Archer had never liked the cot. He went from his bassinet in our room straight to co-sleeping in our bed. At 17 months when we finally decided to kick him out and sleep train him, it seemed silly to train him in a cot, only to have to move him into a toddler bed a few months later. And so I got to work on building him a bed. And by that of course I mean that I made DIY daddy get to work on building him a bed.

We had only recently painted Pie’s wall this calming, green colour so a lot of the styling was based on that. I’d read somewhere that subdued greens were the perfect nursery colour for getting babies to sleep – and we know Pie needed all the help he could get!

I’d bought these Australian fauna prints, wall hanging and cushion at a women’s festival when I was 12 weeks pregnant with Flynn. They were the very first things I bought for his nursery and it will be a long time before I’m able to part with them. And so they will remain a part of Archer’s toddler room – at least until he demands I replace them with racing cars and dinosaurs (or I convince Michael that we need another baby…)

So with the existing Australian fauna prints and a eucalyptus green wall, the Australian themed room was born. I’ve added some dried blue gum, Modern Monty Australian animal snap cards (the illustrations on these are stunning!) and displayed the beautiful indigenous Australian book “Welcome to Country” to enhance the theme.

My favourite thing about Archer having his own room is our new bedtime routine. While previously the boys were put to bed separately, we now all meet in Pie’s room for a story and a snuggle first. It’s such a nice way to end the day and I’m really enjoying being a part of Flynn’s bedtime routine again.

  • Nursing chair, wall shelf and cube shelves – Ikea
  • Macrame wall hanging – The Little Co.

Last I checked, sloths are not native to Australia, but this one was just too freaking cute not to have in Pie’s room. And doesn’t he look quite at home perched up there watching over my sleeping little angel.

Pie was quite young to be moving out of a cot, so it was important for us to ensure he was safe in his new room. We used a range of products from Dreambaby to make sure he couldn’t escape or access anything he shouldn’t in the cupboards.

I’m sure this space will continue to evolve, but for now, this is Pie’s toddler room. A space for him to call his own. And more importantly, so mama and daddy bear can call our room our own again.

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