Our toy shelf was getting a bit cramped so we decided it was time to build another one for the other side of the boys’ playroom. And by that of course I mean, I decided it was time for daddy to build another one. I can never bring myself to spend a lot of money on the playroom furniture, seeing as it takes one of them about 3 minutes to draw all over it with crayon. We built this one for just $125 and it only took an hour or so (daddy’s had a bit of DIY practice lately!!).

The space.
Our playroom is upstairs, while the rest of our living spaces are downstairs. Which usually means the boys are running amok up there while I’m trying to work downstairs – not. ideal! So we decided the best use for this room would be to include a little study nook where I can work and supervise at the same time. We haven’t finished (or really even started) styling the study nook yet, but the bottom right photo below gives you an idea of the space we were working with – the giant TV isn’t staying there, but I can’t lift it down the stairs and social isolation prevented us from getting anyone else to do it!

I debated whether to keep the white shelf as I thought it was a bit big, but it actually divides the room quite well, defining the office space, giving the boys each a separate play space when they don’t like each other (90% of the time) and – most importantly – blocks my view of the mess on the other side!! Thankfully the shape of the room lends itself quite. well to having multiple little areas.

The shelf.
We chose to make the shelf out of raw pine to match our existing toy shelf. I measured up the room and did a very quick, very shit sketch that was not even close to being to scale and then we took a family trip to Bunnings to buy the timber (you know, back when you were allowed to leave your house…)

Materials list.
x2 19mm pine timber sheets 270x2400mm
x1 19mm pine timber sheets 270x1200mm
1 pack countersink head timber screws
Total cost was approximately $125. We got everything from Bunnings.

Timber cut list.
Cut the first 2400mm long piece to:
– 1200mm
– 1181mm
Cut the second 2400mm long piece to:
– 3x 300mm (cut these first)
– 600mm
– 900mm
Cut the 1200mm piece to:

If you enlarge the sketch above, you can see how each piece fits together.

Build the shelf on it’s side, starting with the bottom piece and tall side piece. Pre-drill holes for the screws to prevent the timber splitting when you put the screws in – option to use a countersink piece before putting the screws in to get the sunken look on the screws.

When assembling the second and third shelves, use a spare 300mm piece on the inside of the end to keep it in place and get the correct height.

Don’t forget to attach your shelf to the wall. The shape of the shelf really invites children to climb on it!

Businesses featured in our playroom.
– Poppy’s little treasures. Rattan wall shelf and rattan dolls house.
– Pickwick & Sprout . Wooden service station, wooden alphabet puzzle, tracing boards.
– Honeybee Toys. Grimms puzzles, Grimms marble music tree, Ostheimer animals.
– Forever Toy Shop. Grapat perpetual calendar, Grapat mandala and loose parts.
– The Curated Parcel. Stuka Puka egg puzzle.
– Nestling and Nook. Wooden gear puzzle.
– Ikea. Play kitchen that we hacked.
– Hello Willow Store. Trolley market basket.
– Collective Sol. Rug shown near new shelf.
– MIss Amara Loves. Rug near play kitchen.

Rattan hooks, children’s desk and wall shelves were all either DIY, second hand or found at markets.

If you decide to give this DIY a go, don’t forget to upload a pic to Instagram and tag us @our.curated.choas so I can share! Happy DIY-ing!

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