Create a beautiful, consistent Instagram feed using our Lightroom presets for mobile.

Please note that whilst presets can be applied to most images, some tweaks may be required to suit each picture. They will also not magically ‘fix’ poor quality images.

No refunds are given on digital products. If you have any questions, please use the contact page or DM me on Instagram.

Don’t forget to #littleonespresets so I can share your images in my stories!

Golden Child ~ $15 AUD

Light and bright, warm golden tones, desaturated colours. I use this preset for both outdoor and interior shots.
This pack is for the mobile version of Lightroom.

Mobile Preset – Golden Child


Endless Summer ~ $20 AUD

Turquoise water, blue skies, pastel colours and tanned skin. I created these presets while we were travelling around Australia during the summer.
This pack contains 2 presets and is for the mobile version of Lightroom.

Mobile Preset – Endless Summer


Coming Soon.

More presets to come when this busy mama finds the time.

Installation Instructions.

Once payment is received, I will email you a DNG file. You can download this directly to your phone by selecting ‘Save Image’.

If the file appears to be a blank image, don’t worry – that’s how it should be. Open Lightroom Mobile and create a new album – call it Little Ones Presets so it’s easy to identify.

Open the new album, tap the 3 dots in the top right corner and then tap “Add Photos”. Select “From Camera Roll” and add the DNG file.

To create your preset, go into the Little Ones Presets album that you’ve just created and open the file. Then tap the 3 dots in the top right corner and select “Create Preset”.

In the “New Preset” screen, you can name your preset and select a group – either User Presets or create your own group if you have a lot of presets and want to keep them organised.

When you’re done with the settings save your preset by tapping on the checkmark icon at the top right corner.

Your presets are now ready to use. Import or open any photo that you’d like to edit, select the presets icon in the bottom menu and select the group that you saved the preset to.

Select your Little Ones preset and watch your photo transform in just one click! You may need to make a few tweaks depending on your image. My most common tweaks are to exposure and temperature.

Tip: Tweaking the orange in Colour Mix can help to perfect skin tones.

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